My goal in running to be your Eagle County Commissioner is to make Eagle County a place where working families succeed, where our children thrive, our young adults find opportunity, and our senior citizens age as vital members of the community.   This was my campaign promise in 2014 and continues to be my promise to Eagle County voters in 2018.

Every day as your commissioner I strive to create a better reality for our community.  Eagle County’s new mission and strategic plan is a reflection of these goals:  Creating a better Eagle County for all.

In my next term I will continue to roll up my sleeves and work hard to….

Find ways to Support working families

Eagle County is a beautiful place to raise a family, but the high cost of living is challenging for many. Working families are the lifeblood of our community. I will continue to work to assure that our working families have affordable access to health care, child care, transportation, housing and opportunity.

During my first term over 683 affordable housing units were approved for construction by the County and through focused attention and collaboration throughout the county over 1,200 units have been approved throughout the county.   Public transportation services expanded in Minturn and Dotsero.  And improved access to mental health services through innovative funding was approved by voters in 2017.

In 2018 we will be making investments in early childhood development programs which we know each dollar spent contributes $2.25 in economic development.

Cherish and protect our natural resources

The natural beauty of our county is an integral part of our lives and livelihood. This beauty is what brought many of us to Eagle County and keeps us here. I will continue to protect these resources and ensure that development is strategic, balanced, and mindful of our magnificent landscapes.

During the last three years 2,135 new acres of open space were protected bringing the total acres to almost 13,000 since 2004.   Eagle County has reduced emissions by over 20% since 2012 saving over $350,000 annually and participates in the Eagle County’s Climate Action Collaborative.

Sustain the momentum of economic recovery

The economic recovery brings opportunities to re-invest and re-focus our resources for maximum impact. As the economy recovers and our unemployment rate drops to record lows it presents new challenges to recruiting and retaining employees which need to be overcome with creative solutions.

In partnership with the Vail Center we have supported the creation of a small business development center to support entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed.

The mechanism to achieving our goals is through innovation and collaboration.  Proactive planning for community success relies on healthy dialog and collaboration between residents, local governing agencies, businesses, and non-profits.  Strengthening collaborative opportunities allows our community to reach our full potential. I believe we can only address our challenges by working together. Effective communities engage all constituents: the outspoken, the quiet, the young, the aging, the economically secure and insecure. I aim to listen to everyone, ask questions, get the facts, and continue to make informed decisions.