Vision and Goals



To maintain and enhance our County’s ability to be a place where working families succeed, young adults find opportunity, children thrive, and seniors participate as vibrant members of the community.

To facilitate collaboration between residents, local governing agencies, businesses, and non-profits that proactively plans for community success and addresses challenges.

Values: Community, Service, Respect, Teamwork, Equality


Sustain momentum for economic recovery

The economic recovery brings opportunities to re-invest and re-focus our resources for maximum impact. I intend to unite partners with ideas and capacities to foster an economically vibrant, sustainable community. As your County Commissioner I want to ensure that your local government is efficient and responsive. The community deserves open dialogue to build unity around a central vision, and a strategic plan for its effective implementation. I have a leadership style based on directed inquiry, asking such questions as, “will this serve our constituents well,” “do we have the right partners at the table,” and “is this the right priority for our resources?”

Support working families

Eagle County is a beautiful place to raise a family, but the high cost of living is challenging for many. I view the role of County Commissioner as being the steward of a community who works to address inequities and solve problems facing community members. To that end, I intend to approach the position with a spirit of service toward the working families that are the lifeblood of our community. Again, my leadership inquiry will be, “how can we mitigate or offset our high cost of living,” “how can we attract more quality employers aligned with the skills of our community,” “how can we influence access to health care,” “how can we support the economic success of our businesses?”

Value our older citizens

I value Eagle County’s seniors for their wisdom, experience, economic contributions, and most importantly, as community members.  I support Augustania, our first Senior Care facility, in their mission to maintain and improve the quality of life by allowing seniors to remain in the community they love, with caring family members nearby.

Cherish and protect our natural resources

The natural beauty of our county is an integral part of our lives and livelihood. This beauty is what brought many of us to Eagle County and keeps us here. Lands preserved and protected for recreation and conservation represent a vital resource for our economic, emotional, and cultural legacy. I intend to protect these resources and ensure that development is strategic, balanced, and mindful of our magnificent landscapes.

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