Attend your Precinct Caucus

SUPPORT Jeanne McQueeney for Eagle County Commissioner

Please plan to attend your Precinct Caucus. The Precinct Caucus is the grassroots level of politics. Bring a neighbor and let your voice be heard!

Precinct Caucuses will take place on Tuesday, March 4th at 7 PM. Caucus locations are listed below. If you don’t know your Precinct number please contact Carole Onderdonk at or Joy Harrison at

In order to participate in the Assembly on March 22nd, eligible Democrats need to go to the March 4th Caucus in your precinct and volunteer to be a delegate at the Assembly.

Eligible Democrats:

~ Elect two Precinct Committee Persons per precinct

~ Vote for Eagle County Democratic Platform Planks

~ Elect delegates to County Assembly (minimum of two per precinct)

At all (County, CD, SD & HD) assemblies, delegates vote. Candidates receiving at least 30% of the votes cast are automatically on the Primary ballot if it is a contested race. If it is NOT a contested race, candidates become the final nominee and their names go directly on the General Election ballot


West Vail Holiday Inn, 2211 N. Frontage Rd, Vail

Precinct 1: Red Cliff

Precinct 2: SW Vail

Precinct 3: Minturn

Precinct 12: NW Vail

Precinct 13: Vail

Precinct 14: E. Vail

Precinct 15: E. Avon


WECMRD Field House, 50 Miller Ranch Rd, Edwards

Precinct 4: Homestead

Precinct 11: Bond/McCoy

Precinct 17: Eagle-Vail

Precinct 18: Beaver Creek

Precinct 19: Avon

Precinct 20: N. Edwards

Precinct 21: Berry Creek /Wolcott

Precinct 22: W. Edwards

Precinct 28: Lake Creek

Precinct 29: SE Edwards/SW Avon


Eagle County Building, Eagle

Precinct 5: Town of Eagle

Precinct 6: Gypsum

Precinct 9: N. Gypsum/Sweetwater

Precinct 10: Burns

Precinct 16: N. Eagle

Precinct 23: Airport

Precinct 26: SW Gypsum

Precinct 27: Eagle Ranch

Precinct 30: S. Eagle


Eagle County Building, El Jebel

Precinct 7: Basalt

Precinct 8: El Jebel

Precinct 24: Sopris

Precinct 25: Blue Lake

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